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BCGControlBar Pro (MFC)

BCGSuite (MFC)

BCGControlBar for .NET

General Application Look
Microsoft Office 2021/2022 Look
Microsoft Office 2016/2019 Look
Microsoft Office 2013 Look
Microsoft Office 2010 Look
Microsoft Office 2007 Look
Microsoft VS 2012-2022 Look
Microsoft VS 2010 Look
Microsoft VS 2008 Look
Microsoft Office 2000/XP/2003 Look
Microsoft VS 6.0, VS.NET and VS 2005 Look
Microsoft Internet Explorer Look
Microsoft Windows Native Theme Support
Carbon Look
Custom Application Look
Microsoft Office style Ribbon Control
General Ribbon Features
Ribbon Designer
Ribbon DWM Support
Ribbon Simplified Mode
Ribbon Mouse/Touch Modes
Ribbon Auto-hide Mode
Office 2010-2022 style Ribbon
Windows 7-11 like ("Scenic") Ribbon
Ribbon Panels (Groups)
Ribbon Application Modes
Ribbon Contextual Categories (Tabs)
Ribbon Elements (Controls)
Ribbon KeyTips
Ribbon Palettes (Galleries)
Ribbon Quick Steps
Ribbon Customization
Ribbon Launch Button
MS Office like Ribbon Start Page
Ribbon Main (Application) Button ("Perl")
Ribbon Backstage View
Ribbon Command Search
Ribbon Status Bar
Ribbon Mini Toolbar ("Floaty")
Ribbon Bar Notification Badges
Ribbon Dialog Bar
Microsoft Office/Visual Studio style Toolbars
Themed Toolbars
Toolbar Editor
High and True Color Images Support
"Pager" button (chevron)
Large icons support
Keyboard Shortcut Names in Menus and ToolTips
Toolbar Images
Toolbar Images Color Transformation
"Locked" Toolbars
Toolbar Menu Buttons
Toolbar Edit Box with Spin Button and Calculator
Toolbar Combo Boxes
Toolbar Font and Font Size Combo Boxes
Toolbar Date/Time Picker
Toolbar Color Picker
Tabbed Toolbars
Explorer style Toolbar
Toolbar Notification Badges
Roll-up Buttons (similar to CorelDraw)
Toolbar Slider
Microsoft Office style Menus
Docking Menu Bars with Icons
Microsoft Office 2000-2003 style Menus
Menu Animations and Shadows
Menu Tooltips
Owner-draw Menu Images
Left-side Owner-draw logo
MRU Files and Windows List Support
Tear-off (detachable) Menus
Support for Right-alignment Popup Menus
Advanced Control Bars (Panes)
Shortcuts (Microsoft Outlook style) Bar
Visual Studio 2005-2022 style Docking Markers
Visual Studio style Docking Pane
Microsoft Office style Tasks Pane
Visual Studio style Tabbed Control Bar
Visual Studio style Detachable Tabs
Visual Studio style Auto Hide Control Bars
Visual Studio style Toolbox
Advanced Dialog Bars
Application Bar
Enhanced Status Bar
Microsoft Office style Caption Bar
Persistent Themed Rebars
Roll-up Control Bar
Microsoft Office style Print Preview
Frame Caption Bar
Advanced Document Management
MDI Tab Control
MDI Tab Groups
Tear-off MDI Child Windows
Visual Studio like MDI Windows Navigator
Persistent MDI State
Tabbed Views
OLE Document Support
Customizable Toolbars and Menus
User-defined Toolbars
Context Menu Customization
Mouse Event Customization
Keyboard Customization
Workspace Manager
User-defined Tools
Alternative Customization ("Alt+drag")
Quick Customization
User-defined icon editing
Visualization and Skins
Visualization and Skins
Visualization Manager
Planner Control (Calendar)
Microsoft Outlook style Calendar
Day View
Work Week View
Week View
Month View
Schedule View
Single Appoinment
Recurring Events
Multi-Resource Support
Multi-Day and All Day Events
Integration with Calendar Control
Printing support
Chart Control
General Chart Features
Line Chart
Area Chart
Column and Bar Charts
Surface Chart
Pie, Doughnut and Torus Charts
Point Chart
Bubble Chart
Stock Chart
Stock Chart (Overlays and Envelopes)
Stock Chart (Signals and Technical Indicators)
Histogram Chart
Long Data Line Chart
Historical Line Chart
Pyramid Chart
Funnel Chart
Radar Chart
Polar Chart
Ternary Chart
Box-Plot Chart
Chart Axis
Chart Series
Chart Virtual Series
Chart Data Markers
Chart Data Labels
Chart Legend
Chart Data Table
Chart Zoom and Scroll
Chart Error Bars
Chart Objects
Chart Trendline Support
Chart and Plot Area
Chart Transitions Support
Chart Data Binding
Chart Visualization Features
Chart Interoperability with other Components
Grid and Report Controls
General Grid Features
Grid Cell Types
Grid Virtual Mode
Grid Field Chooser
Grid Grouping Support
Grid Filter Support
Grid Filter Bar
Grid Merged Cells Support
Grid Data Binding
Grid Color Themes
Grid Frozen Columns and Rows
Excel like Grid Cells Conditional Formatting
Sparkline Grid Cells
Grid Find Dialog
Hierarchical Grids
Report Control
Export Grid Data to CSV format
Syntax Highlighting Code Editor
General Edit Control Features
Syntax Highlighting Support
XML Schemas for Language Definition
Support for Collapsible Nodes (Outlining)
Context-sensitive Tooltips
IntelliSense Support
Line Numbering
Markers and Color Blocks
Hyperlinks Support
Error Indication Support
Symbol Support
Undo/Redo Support
Find and Replace
Font Scaling
Export to HTML and RTF
MFC Document/View Support
Gantt Chart Control
General Gantt Control Features
Task Types
Built-in Resource Grid
Task Connectors
Collapsible Groups (Grouped Items)
Fully Customizable Appearance
Zoom In / Zoom Out
Gauges Overview
Visual Designer for Gauges
Circular Gauges
Linear Gauges
Knob Control
Switch Control
Radial Menu
Rotation Control
Circular Progress Indicator
Numeric Indicators
Color Indicators
Text Labels
Image Indicators
Analog Clock
Digital Clock
Gauge Containers
Windows UI style Tiles control
General Win UI style Tiles Control Features
Win UI style Tile Objects
Win UI style Tile Badges
Diagram Control
General Diagram Control Features
Diagram Block Types
Miscellaneous GUI Controls
Property List (Grid) Control
Extended Tree Control
Hyperlink Control
Enhanced Pushbutton
Brush Button
Menu Button (Split Button)
Advanced Tab Control
Microsoft Office style Color Picker
Color Combo Box Control
Advanced Animation Control
List Box and Checked List Box
Visual Studio style Editable List Box
List Header Control
Font Picker
Edit Box with a Browse Button and Prompt
Combo Box Control
Combo box with checked drop-down list
Line Style Combo Box
Info Box Control
Themed List and Tree Controls
Themed Tab Control
Themed IP Address Control
Masked Edit Control
Slider (Tracker) Control
Progress Bar
Date/Time List
Date/Time Control (Picker)
Group Box
Calendar Control
Duration Control
Images with Hot Spot Areas
Control Info Tips
Popup (Desktop Alert) Window
Tag Cloud Control
TreeMap Control
Tooltip Control
Breadcrumb Control
Microsoft Edge WebView2 wrapper
Skinned Dialogs and Forms Support
Resizable Dialogs and Forms
LightBox Dialog
Dialogs with Expandable Areas
Advanced Property Sheet
Aero Wizard
Toolbar Customization Dialog
Image Edit Dialog
Brush Edit Dialog
Text Format Dialog
Microsoft Office like Color Dialog
Key Map Dialog
Windows Management Dialog
Textured Dialogs
Themed File Dialog
Advanced Message Boxes
Progress ("Wait") Dialog
Enhanced File Dialog Box
Scrollable Dialog
Visual Studio Integration
Application Wizard
Integration Wizard
Shell Management
Shell Management Classes
Shell Tree, List and Breadcrumb Controls
Windows 7-11 Taskbar Integration
Drawing Manager
Direct2D and GDI+ Support
Property Manager
Touch/Gesture Support
Unicode Support
High DPI Support
Microsoft Active Accessibility Support
Right-to-Left Languages Support