Grid Cell Types

Fully implemented BCGControlBar Pro (MFC)

Fully implemented BCGSuite (MFC)

Fully implemented BCGControlBar for .NET

The grid control supports the following cell types:

  • Text
  • Masked text
  • Numeric
  • Icon
  • Numeric with the spin buttons
  • Combo box
  • Date/time picker
  • Color picker
  • URL
  • Check box
  • Switch
  • Custom cell types (please take a look at BCGPGridExample to see how to implement various custom types such as password, progress bar, font picker and more).

Grid built-in controls:

Grid built-in controls:

Grid check boxes and switches:

Grid check boxes and switches:

Grid custom controls:

Grid custom controls:

Sample code:

CBCGPGridRow* pRow = m_wndGrid.CreateNewRow ();

// Simple text:
pRow->ReplaceItem (0, new CBCGPGridItem (_T("Hello, world!")));

// URL:
CBCGPGridItem* pURLItem =
	new CBCGPGridURLItem(_T(""), 

pRow->ReplaceItem (1, pURLItem);

// Number + spin button:
CBCGPGridItem* pSpinItem = new CBCGPGridItem (lValue); 
pSpinItem->EnableSpinControl(TRUE, 0, 1000);
pRow->ReplaceItem (2, pSpinItem);

// Combobox:
CBCGPGridItem* pItem = new CBCGPGridItem (_T("Option"));

pItem->AddOption (_T("Item 1");
pItem->AddOption (_T("Item 2");

pRow->ReplaceItem (3, pItem);

m_wndGrid.AddRow (pRow);