Grid Virtual Mode

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Fully implemented BCGControlBar for .NET

You can create a high-performance Grid control with unlimited number of items. The Grid control has the following methods for the virtual mode handling:

  • EnableVirtualMode: enable virtual mode and set a callback function
  • SetVirtualRows: define the number of grid rows in the virtual mode

Please take a look at the BCGPGridExample application ("Virtual List" tab and "Home | Grid | Virtual Mode Test" dialog) to see how to add to the grid millions of items.

In addition, the virtual mode has been implemented in the database grids. Run the BCGPDBGridDemo example to see this feature in action.

Grid Virtual Mode

Sample code:

// Grid callback function:

	ASSERT (pdi != NULL);

    int nRow = pdi->item.nRow;
	int nCol = pdi->item.nCol;

	pdi->item.varValue = value;
	return TRUE;

CBCGPGridCtrl m_wndGrid;

// Create grid control:
m_wndGrid.Create (WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE, rect, this, ID_GRID);

// Enable virtual mode:
m_wndGrid.EnableVirtualMode (GridCallback);
m_wndGrid.SetVirtualRows (100000000);
m_wndGrid.AdjustLayout ();