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General Samples

Download all samples in the single ZIP file (set of more than 130 sample applications):
These sample programs demonstrate how to create advanced GUI. General Samples are comprehensive applications, which illustrate a couple of related features implemented in a single project.


Demonstrates how to create an application, which emulates Visual Studio IDE. Specific features:
  • Customizable toolbars and menus
  • Advanced frame caption with a custom logo, "Search" box and custom buttons
  • Docking control bars with Standard (Visual Studio.NET 2003-like) and Smart (Visual Studio 2005-2022) docking
  • "Auto hide" docking bars
  • MDI Tabbed groups
  • Advanced Editor with IntelliSence, Syntax Highlighting, Collapsed Blocks and Error Indication
  • Property List control
  • Toolbox control
  • Windows Manager Dialog
  • Toolbar combo box and edit controls
  • Switching between visual themes at runtime


Microsoft Office 2007-2022 Word - like application. Demonstrates:
  • Ribbon Control and various Ribbon gadgets including owner-draw Galleries, color pickers, font pickers and more
  • Office 2010-2022-style backstage view
  • Ribbon Status bar
  • Ribbon Mini toolbar ("Floaty") and context menu
  • Ribbon and Keyboard Customization
  • Ribbon Progress bar
  • Ribbon Slider control
  • Caption bar
  • Context categories (tabs)


Windows 8 - like UI Tiles application. Demonstrates:
  • Square and wide tiles
  • Horizontal and vertical tiles layout
  • Custom textures and shapes
  • "Live" tiles
  • Custom tiles (with chart and circular gauge)
  • Tile headers and multi-line texts


Illustrates how to create interactive digital dashboards with Grids, Charts, Gauges and other controls


Microsoft Office Outlook - like application. Demonstrates:
  • Outlook bar working in regular (Office XP) and advanced (Office 2003) modes
  • Collapsible Outlook bar in Office 2013-2022 mode
  • "Static" (non-floating) docking bar
  • Non-resizable Dialog bar (Mail frame - opened when you select "New mail")
  • Caption bar


A native MFC WordPad demo converted to be used with the library. It outlines the following features:
  • Ribbon bar in Windows 7/Office 2007-2022 visual themes
  • Customizable toolbars and menus
  • Font combo box
  • Font Size combo box
  • OLE in-place activation
  • Switching between visual themes and Ribbon/toolbar interfaces at runtime.


Demonstrates how to make a regular MFC application using the library with:
  • Ribbon Control
  • Ribbon Status Bar
  • Ribbon Context Tab
  • MDI Tabbed groups
  • Library-based context menus
  • Dynamic context menu (see OLE verbs on the context menu)
  • OLE in-place activation with Ribbon Control.


Demonstrates how to implement Office 2007-2022-style application with the following features:
  • Ribbon Bar
  • Shortcuts ("Outlook") Bar
  • 6 different views:
    • Start page: demonstrates hyper-link view with background image
    • Calendar: demonstrates calendar/planner controls
    • Mail: demonstrates report control
    • Macros: demonstrates edit control
    • To-Do List: demonstrates grid connected to database
    • Gantt: demonstrates Gantt control
  • Ribbon Print Preview
  • Status bar with built-in progress indicator and slider
  • Output bar: demonstrates docking windows + auto-hide mode


Demonstrates how to create a multimedia-style application with the skinned dialogs and the explorer toolbar controls


Demonstrates how to create a multimedia-style application with large, colorful buttons placed on non-customizable, non-floating toolbar.


Demonstrates how to create Windows Explorer-style application.


Internet Explorer-like application, which demonstrates the following features:
  • Rebar Control
  • IE-style navigation pane ("Favorites"/"History")
  • "Aero"-style docking bar with embedded custom-draw controls
  • IE-style navigation buttons
  • IE-style MDI tabs
  • Auto-hide menu bar
  • Dynamic popup menus. The list of Favorites is taken from the OS and the "Favorites" menu is created dynamically


MS Edge-like application, which demonstrates the following features:
  • Advanced application caption bar with MDI tabs and custom buttons
  • MS Edge-style navigation buttons
  • MDI tabs with animations
  • MS Edge-style navigation pane ("Favorites"/"History")


MS Paint-like application, which demonstrates the following features:
  • "Light" ribbon without tabs and QAT
  • Menu bar integrated with the Ribbon bar
  • Dark and light visual themes