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Grid Samples

Download all samples in the single ZIP file (set of more than 130 sample applications):
This section illustrates usage of various Grid Control features.


This is a comprehensive example demonstrating various modes of the Grid control:
  • Basic grid
  • Report control
  • Virtual list

and other Grid control-related features:

  • Various cell types
  • Custom grid colors with different color themes
  • "Merged cells" feature
  • Filtered grid
  • Frozen columns and rows
  • Conditional formatting
  • Sparklines


This sample illustrates how to bind the Grid Control to a data source using one of the following data types:
  • ODBC
  • ADO
  • DAO
The Grid Control can work either in regular, or virtual mode.


This sample demonstrates using of Report Control. Among other features you can see how to:
  • Create a Report Control, integrate it into an SDI application and add data to it.
  • Enable grouping mode (group report by different fields)
  • Show/Hide field Chooser
  • Add fields of different types (text, data, image)