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Editor Samples

Download all samples in the single ZIP file (set of more than 130 sample applications):
This section contains samples illustrating how to use various features provide by the Advanced Edit Control.


Demonstrates how to use the Advanced Edit Control in an MDI application. This sample shows the full set of Editor features:
  • Syntax highlighting for different types of documents (C++, HTML, Basic, Pascal, Assembler, Python, C#, JScript, SQL and XML)
  • IntelliSense
  • Outlining (collapsing and expanding logical blocks)
  • Contextual tool tips
  • Markers: owner-draw breakpoints and bookmarks
  • Hyperlinks embedded into the text
  • Find and Replace operations
  • "Go To Line" dialog
  • Line numbering
  • Print Preview


Demonstrates how to implement a simple chat application using the Advanced Edit Control and utilizing its support for graphics symbols.


Illustrates how to add custom markers and colored areas to the edit control.