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Ribbon Samples

Download all samples in the single ZIP file (set of more than 130 sample applications):
This section contains a set of samples illustrating usage of Ribbon Control and Ribbon Gadgets in MDI, SDI and dialog-based applications.


Demonstrates Office 2019-2022/365-like Ribbon simplified mode.


Demonstrates Office-like Ribbon start page.


Demonstrates Ribbon application modes.


Demonstrates how to use Ribbon Control in MDI application.


Comprehensive sample, which illustrates creation and usage of various Ribbon Control gadgets such as buttons, split buttons, check boxes, palette (gallery) buttons, color buttons, button groups, edit and combo buttons, labels, multi-line labels, URL links, sliders, simple progress, infinite progress. Also you can immediately see the appropriate source code required to create a specific gadget.


This sample illustrates how to create Ribbon-style dialog pane with several embedded panes.


This sample demonstrates how to switch between Ribbon mode to Menu/Toolbar mode at run-time.


This sample demonstrates how to create the Ribbon Bar on the dialog box.