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Document/View Samples

Download all samples in the single ZIP file (set of more than 130 sample applications):
This set of samples illustrates how to take advantage of the Document/View architecture enhancements provided by the library.


Demonstrates how to embed a CView-derived class into a docking bar.


Demonstrates various options that can be applied to MDI tabs (MDI tabbed documents) and how to change these options on the fly. Also shows how to change visual styles at runtime and how to persist all selected options.


Shows how to switch between multiple views in SDI application using the Outlook Bar control. The Outlook Control is statically docked at the left side of main frame.


Illustrates usage of tabbed views.


Demonstrates Windows Taskbar features such as thumbnails, preview, overlay icons and others.


Demonstrates property grid features and how to use the property grid in MDI application.