Images with Hot Spot Areas

Fully implemented BCGControlBar Pro (MFC)

Fully implemented BCGSuite (MFC)

Not available BCGControlBar for .NET

There is a special control that implements the functionality of a control with background image containing clickable points (hot spots). Its features:

  • Ability to add hot spots
  • SVG-based images: you can specify SVG element ID as clickable area
  • Ability to provide the hot spot image control with the regular and hot images
  • Ability to automatically highlight hot spot area when the mouse cursor is moving over the area.
  • Ability to display a custom cursor when the mouse is hovering over the hot spot
  • Hot spot tooltips

Images with Hot Spot Areas

Sample code:

CBCGPHotSpotImageCtrl m_wndImage;
m_wndImage.SetImage (IDB_START /* Regular image */, IDB_START_HOT /* Image with hot areas */);

m_wndImage.AddHotSpot (id1, CRect (CPoint (220, 13), CSize (155, 36)));
m_wndImage.AddHotSpot (id2, CRect (CPoint (220, 48), CSize (145, 18)));
m_wndImage.AddHotSpot (id3, CRect (CPoint (220, 68), CSize (157, 36)));
m_wndImage.AddHotSpot (id4, CRect (CPoint (220, 102), CSize (136, 36)));

void CMyView::OnClickHotSpot()
	UINT uiCmd = m_wndImage.GetHotSpot ();

	// TODO: Process uiCmd command