Toolbar Images

Fully implemented BCGControlBar Pro (MFC)

Not available BCGSuite (MFC)

Partially implemented BCGControlBar for .NET

BCGControlBar Library has different abilities to show toolbar icons – they are faded until the mouse comes over them, highlighted being mouseovered, and have a grey look without any highlighting when disabled.

The user is enabled to change the appearance of toolbar images, and even create his own ones, using a simple image editing dialog, which is the internal part of BCGControlBar Library:

The BCGControlBar Library provides Alpha blending support for toolbar images for creation high-quality toolbar images adapted to the system colors.

The ToolBar Images class simplifies processing of toolbar images loaded from resource files or from disk files.

The toolbar bitmap is a large bitmap containing a set of small images (toolbar images) of a fixed size.

The ToolBar Images class:

  • Supports access to toolbar images by index and by associated command ID
  • Renders images by index ID
  • Adjusts images color palette to the system palette
  • Allows to maintain user defined images, created during toolbar customization
  • Works with the following image types: .bmp, .png and .svg