Built-in Resource Grid

Fully implemented BCGControlBar Pro (MFC)

Fully implemented BCGSuite (MFC)

Not available BCGControlBar for .NET

The resource Grid is integrated with the Gantt Chart control and it's created automatically by the Gantt Control.

You can fill the grid with any information related to task items.

Built-in Resource Grid

Sample code:

// Filling the grid
CBCGPGanttGrid* pGrid = GetGrid ();

pGrid->InsertColumn (0, _T("Task Name"), 100);
pGrid->InsertColumn (1, _T("Start"), 64);
pGrid->InsertColumn (2, _T("Finish"), 64);
pGrid->InsertColumn (3, _T("Progress"), 70);

control.SetNameColumnIndex (0);
control.SetStartDateColumnIndex (1);
control.SetFinishDateColumnIndex (2);
control.SetProgressColumnIndex (3);

// update grid rows from the Gantt Chart
control.UpdateGrid ();
control.AdjustLayout ();