Ribbon Quick Steps

Fully implemented BCGControlBar Pro (MFC)

Not available BCGSuite (MFC)

Not available BCGControlBar for .NET

"Quick Steps" is a customizable Ribbon Gallery extension. The differences between the gallery and Quick Steps are:

  1. Icons with text labels on the right side
  2. Custom images
  3. Ability to modify the gallery content in-run-time

Ribbon Quick Steps

Sample code:

CBCGPRibbonQuickStepsButton* pQuickStepsCtrl = new CBCGPRibbonQuickStepsButton(ID_QUICK_STEP, _T("Quick Steps"), -1, -1, IDB_QUICK_STEPS);

pQuickStepsCtrl->AddQuickStep(new CBCGPRibbonQuickStep(0, _T("Completed"), _T("Moves selected task to \"Completed Tasks\" folder")));
pQuickStepsCtrl->AddQuickStep(new CBCGPRibbonQuickStep(1, _T("To Manager"), _T("Moves selected e-mail to your manager")));
pQuickStepsCtrl->AddQuickStep(new CBCGPRibbonQuickStep(2, _T("Team E-Mail"), _T("Creates a new e-mail to your team")));
pQuickStepsCtrl->AddQuickStep(new CBCGPRibbonQuickStep(3, _T("Reply & Delete"), _T("Replies to the sender and deletes an original e-mail")));
pQuickStepsCtrl->AddQuickStep(new CBCGPRibbonQuickStep(4, _T("Done"), _T("Marks selected e-mail as completed")));
pQuickStepsCtrl->AddQuickStep(new CBCGPRibbonQuickStep(5, _T("New Report"), _T("Creates a new report")));

// Add "Manage Quick Steps" menu item:
pQuickStepsCtrl->AddSubItem(new CBCGPRibbonButton(ID_MANAGE_QUICK_STEPS, _T("Manage Quick Steps...")));

// Enable dropped-down gallery resizing:
pQuickStepsCtrl->EnableMenuResize (TRUE);

// Add "Quick Steps" to Ribbon panel: