Persistent Themed Rebars

Fully implemented BCGControlBar Pro (MFC)

Not available BCGSuite (MFC)

Not available BCGControlBar for .NET

The library provides a built-in mechanism to automatically save/restore rebar panes layout. Size, position and visibility of every rebar pane can be saved in the registry or an .ini file.

A rebar control can contain one or more bands, with each band having any combination of a gripper bar, a bitmap, a text label, and a child window.

A rebar object can contain a variety of child windows, usually other controls, including edit boxes, toolbars, and list boxes. A rebar object can display its child windows over a specified bitmap. Your application can automatically resize the rebar, or the user can manually resize the rebar by clicking or dragging its gripper bar.

In addition, you can easily apply the current visual theme to all rebar panes.

Rebar in Visual Studio light theme:

Rebar in Visual Studio light theme: