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Fully implemented BCGControlBar Pro (MFC)
Not available BCGSuite (MFC)
Not available BCGControlBar (Microsoft .NET)

Themed File Dialog

CBCGPFileDialogEx class implements Windows-like File Dialog (see screenshot). In general, API of this class is very similar to CFileDialog, but all customization methods (like adding custom controls) are not implemented "out of the box" and should be developed in derived classes (we demonstrate this approach in new sample ThemedFileDialog and updated SVGViewDemo sample).

To use this new dialog in the standard ID_FILE_OPEN or ID_FILE_SAVE command handlers, simply set m_bThemedFileDialog to TRUE in your application class constructor (you can see this in BCGPMSOfficeDemo, BCGPVisualStudioGUIDemo and other examples and samples).

CBCGPFolderPickerDialog class implements a themed folder picker dialog. This dialog has a same functionality as standard CFolderPickerDialog, but it supports the visual themes and custom (recent) folders.

Important: since we cannot guarantee that behavior of this dialog is absolutely the same as you can see in the standard Windows File Dialog, we strongly recommend to add some option to your program that allows to specify which File Dialog (standard or themed) will be used (we've added this option to all our Designer applications).

File dialog:

Folder picker:

Sample code:
// Display themed file dialog:
    _T("Bitmap Files (*.bmp)|*.bmp|Png Files (*.png)|*.png|All Files (*.*)|*.*||"), this);

if (dlg.DoModal () == IDOK)
    // Save image

// Display themed folder picker dialog:
CBCGPFolderPickerDialog dlg(m_strFolder, 0, this);
if (dlg.DoModal() == IDOK)
    m_strFolder = dlg.GetPathName();
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