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Fully implemented BCGControlBar Pro (MFC)
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Surface Chart

This chart type enables visualization of 3D surface data. Currently the library implements two types of surfaces: "standard" and "levels". In case of the "standard" surface each grid cell is assigned a color according to a level color corresponding to the value of left bottom point.

For the "level" surface each cell is intersected with horizontal planes (where the plane Y value corresponds to a level) and polygons, which were created by intersection of grid cell with the planes, are painted with appropriate level colors.

The following options can be applied to a surface chart:

  • Set Frame Style (none, countur, mesh, mesh and countur)
  • Set custom frame color
  • Enable frame transparency
  • Set surface transparency
  • Set "wireframe" (the interior of grid cells is not filled)
  • Set number of color levels (the limit is 256; however, too many colors slows down the rendering) 
  • Set one of three methods to generate level colors:
    • single - takes the first series theme color
    • multiple - takes all series theme colors
    • palette - takes rainbow colors
  • Set custom colors to generate level colors
  • Level range can be based on minimum and maximum on Y axis, min/max on series, or custom
  • "Draw flat" - the levels and their colors will be calculated for 3D surface, but all grid cells will be rendered at the specified Y value making a colored flat surface.
Multiple Color Surface Chart:

Levels Surface Chart:

Intersected Surfaces:

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