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Fully implemented BCGControlBar Pro (MFC)
Not available BCGSuite (MFC)
Fully implemented BCGControlBar (Microsoft .NET)

Microsoft Office 2000/XP/2003 menus (with recently used menu items)

By default, all menus are displayed with the default and recently used menu items only. After a short delay, or when user clicks on the small cevron in bottom of menu, the rest of items is displayed.

Initial state - only default and recently used menu ietms are shown:

All menu items are displayed now:

Sample code:
// TODO: Define your own basic commands. Be sure, that each pulldown 
// menu have at least one basic command.

CList<UINT, UINT>   lstBasicCommands;

lstBasicCommands.AddTail (ID_FILE_NEW);
lstBasicCommands.AddTail (ID_FILE_OPEN);
lstBasicCommands.AddTail (ID_FILE_SAVE);
lstBasicCommands.AddTail (ID_FILE_PRINT);
lstBasicCommands.AddTail (ID_APP_EXIT);
lstBasicCommands.AddTail (ID_EDIT_CUT);
lstBasicCommands.AddTail (ID_EDIT_PASTE);
lstBasicCommands.AddTail (ID_EDIT_UNDO);
lstBasicCommands.AddTail (ID_APP_ABOUT);

CBCGToolBar::SetBasicCommands (lstBasicCommands);
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