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Fully implemented BCGControlBar Pro (MFC)
Fully implemented BCGSuite (MFC)
Not available BCGControlBar (Microsoft .NET)

Chart Data Markers

Data Marker formatting includes the following customizable elements:

  • Visibility
  • Fill color
  • Line color, width and stroke style
  • Shape
  • Size


Currently Data Markers have the following predefined shapes:

  • Circle
  • Box
  • Triangle
  • Diamond
  • Pentagon
  • Hexagon
  • Star


You can customize Data Marker appearance, including shape, size and visibility, for each Data Point separately.

It's possible to completely replace the out-of-the-box Data Marker appearance by overriding some virtual methods in the Chart control.

Sample code:
CBCGPChartVisualObject chart;
CBCGPChartSeries* pSeries1 = chart.CreateSeries(_T("Series 1"));

// Change marker shapes:
pSeries1->SetMarkerShape(BCGPChartMarkerOptions::MS_CIRCLE, 0);
pSeries1->SetMarkerShape(BCGPChartMarkerOptions::MS_TRIANGLE, 1);
pSeries1->SetMarkerShape(BCGPChartMarkerOptions::MS_RECTANGLE, 2);
pSeries1->SetMarkerShape(BCGPChartMarkerOptions::MS_RHOMBUS, 3);

//3-rd marker is red:
pSeries1->SetMarkerFill(CBCGPBrush(CBCGPColor::Red), 2);
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