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Fully implemented BCGControlBar Pro (MFC)
Fully implemented BCGSuite (MFC)
Not available BCGControlBar (Microsoft .NET)

Breadcrumb Control

Breadcrumb control allows the user to explore hierarchical data, such as application-defined libraries or file directories. It may be compared to the tree-view control that does not show the whole items tree at once.

Breadcrumb Items

A breadcrumb item represents a single object of displayed hierarchy. The item has text and optionally an image.
Any item in a breadcrumb control may have a list of subitems. An item that has one or more child items is called a parent item. A child item is displayed right to its parent. Parent items also have an arrow right of them. The items without children do not have such arrow.

Custom breadcrumb control:

Shell breadcrumb control:

Breadcrumb control with a progress bar

Sample code:
CBCGPBreadcrumb m_Breadcrumb;

m_Breadcrumb.Create (rect, this, IDC_BREADCRUMB, WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE);

HBREADCRUMBITEM hRoot = m_Breadcrumb.GetRootItem ();

HBREADCRUMBITEM hMusic = m_Breadcrumb.InsertItem (hRoot, _T("Music"), 4);
HBREADCRUMBITEM hPic = m_Breadcrumb.InsertItem (hRoot, _T("Pictures"), 7);
HBREADCRUMBITEM hVideo = m_Breadcrumb.InsertItem (hRoot, _T("Video"), 5);
HBREADCRUMBITEM hTV = m_Breadcrumb.InsertItem (hRoot, _T("Recorded TV"), 6);
HBREADCRUMBITEM hOther = m_Breadcrumb.InsertItem (hRoot, _T("Other Media"), 8);
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