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Fully implemented BCGControlBar Pro (MFC)
Not available BCGSuite (MFC)
Fully implemented BCGControlBar (Microsoft .NET)

Popup (Desktop Alert) Window

Microsoft Office-style popup control allows to display short-time messages. In opposite to the standard message box, this window doesn't require from the user to close this window by clicking "Ok" button, and it automatically disappears after short time. The control is fully customizable and a developer can tune its look and functionality by the easy way:

  • Content can be either created from user-defined dialog resources ,or it can be automatically generated from the given text and icon
  • Various looks: Office 200/XP/2003, MSN Messenger and more.
  • Various animation types: fade, slide and unfold.
  • Semi-transparent background.
  • Custom events.
Office 2003 style popup window:

MSN style popup window

Desktop Alert in black theme

Sample code:
// Create popup window:
CBCGPPopupWindow* pWndPopup = new CBCGPPopupWindow;

// Enable animation and transparency:
pWndPopup->SetAnimationType (CBCGPPopupMenu::FADE);
pWndPopup->SetTransparency (200);

// Set popup text, icon and link:
CBCGPPopupWndParams params;

params.m_strText = _T("You've 3 new messages");
params.m_hIcon = theApp.LoadIcon (IDI_ALERT);
params.m_strURL = _T("Click here to open");
params.m_nURLCmdID = ID_OPEN_MSG;

// Show the popup window:
pWndPopup->Create (this, params);
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