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Fully implemented BCGControlBar Pro (MFC)
Fully implemented BCGSuite (MFC)
Not available BCGControlBar (Microsoft .NET)

Microsoft Outlook style Calendar

The calendar control has everything you need to include in your application a sophisticated scheduling and appointment tool. It has the following base features and each feature can be customized to suit your needs:

  • The following views are supported: daily, 5-days work week, weekly, monthly, schedule
  • Appointment and scheduling
  • Appointment reminders
  • Recurring appointments
  • Concurrent appointments
  • Events
  • Integrations with date picker control. You can select a range of days and show them on the daily, weekly or monthly view.
  • Copy/Paste operations
  • Full Drag&Drop support (you can drag appointments within a day or drop them on date picker control).
  • Printing support
Sample code:
// Create planner control:
m_wndCalendar.Create (WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE,  rectCalendar, this, IDC_CALENDAR);

// Create a new appointment: today, 9:30AM � 10:30AM, name �Meeting�:
COleDateTime now = COleDateTime::GetCurrentTime ();

CBCGPAppointment* pApp = new CBCGPAppointment (
     COleDateTime (now.GetYear (), now.GetMonth (), now.GetDay (), 9, 30, 0),
     COleDateTime (now.GetYear (), now.GetMonth (), now.GetDay (), 10, 30, 0),

// Add this appointment to planner:
m_wndCalendar.AddAppointment (pApp); 
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