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Fully implemented BCGControlBar Pro (MFC)
Not available BCGSuite (MFC)
Fully implemented BCGControlBar (Microsoft .NET)

Microsoft Office-Style Task Pane

Tasks Pane implements the functionality of a list of clickable items (tasks) similar to MS Office's Task Pane and Explorer Bar.  It's possible to assign an icon to each item (task) and use static tasks (labels).   Office style Task pane comes with a range of features:
  • Microsoft Office-style including built-in toolbar
  • Office 2013-2019-like navigation (page) tabs
  • Scroll buttons with an ability to enable/disable them
  • Support for multiple pages
  • Animation when expanding/collapsing task pane groups
  • Task Pane control can be floating
  • Task Notification Badge support


Task pane in Office XP mode:

Task pane with embedded tree control in Office 2003 mode:

Task pane with navigation tabs

Sample code:
m_wndTaskPane.SetIconsList (IDB_TASKS, 16);

int nGroup1 = m_wndTaskPane.AddGroup (_T("Open a document"), FALSE, TRUE);

// Add MRU list:
m_wndTaskPane.AddMRUFilesList (nGroup1);
m_wndTaskPane.AddTask (nGroup1, _T("More Documents..."), 0 /* Image index */, ID_FILE_OPEN);

int nGroup2 = m_wndTaskPane.AddGroup (_T("New"));

m_wndTaskPane.AddTask (nGroup2, _T("Blank Document"), 1 /* Image index */, ID_FILE_NEW);
m_wndTaskPane.AddTask (nGroup2, _T("Blank Web Page"), 2 /* Image index */, ID_FILE_NEW_WEB);
m_wndTaskPane.AddSeparator (nGroup2);
m_wndTaskPane.AddTask (nGroup2, _T("Blank E-mail message"), 3 /* Image index */, ID_FILE_NEW_MAIL);
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