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Release Notes


Version: 7.1. Released: 12/23/2021

  1. Visual Studio 2022 and .NET framework 4.8 support is available now. All product examples were thoroughly tested under the new development platform. Added Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 solutions and project files for all samples and source projects.
  2. The product is fully tested under Windows 11 release. Implemented Windows 11 rounded corners for all frames and popup-windows (see screenshot):
    • Added new flag GlobalSettings::IsWindows11 that will set to true during initialization if application is running on Windows 11 OS.
    • Added new enumeration CornerTypes to help support rounded corners.
    • Added new method GlobalUtils::EnableWindowRoundedCorners(IntPtr handle, CornersType type) to help support rounded corners for a specific window form.
    • Added new method GlobalSettings::SetWindowCornersType(CornersType type) to help support rounded corners in forms with toolbars or Ribbon control, in all popup windows such as menus, floating docking panes and others.
    • Added new event GlobalNotifier::WindowCornersTypeChanged: you may register for this event in your custom form and modify a corners type according to the global type, that was enabled using GlobalUtils::EnableWindowRoundedCorners method.
  3. Fixes
    1. Ribbon Designer: fixed bug with images while changing order of the buttons in Ribbon.
    2. Ribbon Control: fixed bug with the popup and tooltips in the backstage mode.
    3. Docking Panes Designer: fixed bug with Auto hide mode panes.