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Release Notes

BCGControlBar Professional Edition

Version: 32.2. Released: 2/1/2022

  1. Ribbon Bar
    1. New global variables globalData.m_sizeRibbonCategoryPadding and globalData.m_sizeRibbonPanelPadding allow to specify a Ribbon tab and panel internal paddings. You've to change them prior to the Ribbon bar creation.
    2. CBCGPRibbonSlider: added horizontal slider text labels support (see screenshot). A new method SetTextExt allows to specify label on the right side of control.
    3. Improved Ribbon commands search: a search box can be located now on the right side of the Ribbon tabs (default) or on the Ribbon caption (both in full and compact modes) (see screenshot). Please note, if the search box is located on caption, Ribbon context captions are not displayed (like in MS Office 2022). CBCGPRibbonCommandSearchOptions structure has the following new members:
      • m_Location - specifies search box location.
      • m_Icon - search box icon: light bulb or magnifier.
      • m_clrHighlighted - background color of highlighted text in the search results menu,
      • m_clrHighlightedText - foreground color of highlighted text.
      Since the search box can be located on the frame now, you can enable it for non-Ribbon-based applications (toolbar/menu-based applications with a frame caption bar enabled). For this kind of application, the framework scans all toolbars and menu bars for the best matches and displays search results in drop-down menu. You can customize this search by overriding new virtual method QueryElements in CBCGPFrameWnd or CBCGPMDIFrameWnd-derived class Please take a look at BCGPMSOfficeDemo, BCGPVisualStudioGUIDemo and FrameCaptionDemo examples and samples to see this feature in action.
    4. CBCGPRibbonEdit: a new virtual method OnDrawIcon allows to draw a custom icon in the search mode.
    5. Ribbon Designer: the following new properties were added:
      • Height of the drop-down list in the combo boxes.
      • Extended (right-side) text for the slider control.
      • Command search options.
  2. Toolbars and Menus
    1. Improved disabled combo boxes appearance in some visual themes.
    2. CBCGPPopupMenu: added highlighted (marked) text support. Call new static method CBCGPPopupMenu::SetHighlightedText to specify a list of words to be highlighted.
    3. CBCGPToolbarButton: added 2 new virtual methods QueryElements and AddToSearchResults; override them in CBCGPToolbarButton-derived class to customize command searching (available in the Frame Caption Bar).
  3. Dialogs and Forms
    1. CBCGPMessageBox: improved window layout. Width / height ratio is closer to the native Windows message box now.
    2. CBCGPDlgPopupMenu: a popup dialog can be created without any corresponding controls such as menu button or ribbon button; a new constructor "CBCGPDlgPopupMenu(CRuntimeClass* pRTI, LPCTSTR lpszTemplateName)" was added in this version.
  4. Grid and Report Controls
    1. CBCGPGridColorItem: implemented custom colors serialization (cell does not lose colors anymore after copying or moving).
    2. CBCGPGridDateTimeItem: added CBCGPDateTimeCtrl::DTM_CHECKBOX flag support. A grid date/time cell can be created with optional check box (see screenshot). While Data/Time picker has an unchecked state, CBCGPGridDateTimeItem shows a label for empty value. Please see a new optional parameter (LPCTSTR lpszNoDateLabel) in CBCGPGridDateTimeItem's constructor. The following new members were added to CBCGPGridDateTimeItem class: m_bIsChecked, m_strNoDateLabel.
    3. BCGP_GRID_FILTERBAR_OPTIONS: if m_clrMarkBackground or m_clrMarkText is CLR_DEFAULT, a default (visual theme-based, returned by CBCGPVisualManager::GetMarkedTextColor) color is used for displaying search results.
    4. CBCGPGridCtrl::GetVirtualRow method is a virtual now.
  5. Controls
    1. CBCGPListBox: an icon can be added to the caption.
    2. CBCGPListBox: AddCaption and AddSeparator methods return the index of the added row.
    3. CBCGPStatic: implemented 2 new versions of SetPicture method. First receives HBITMAP and second - CBCGPSVGImage.
  6. Miscellaneous
    1. CBCGPChartAxis: a size of resizing band is DPI-aware now.
    2. CBCGPGlobalUtils::DrawTextWithHighlightedArea: added multi-line text support.
    3. CBCGPPropertyManager: implemented storing / loading of the custom colors (class CBCGPColorProp) and check box (class CBCGPDateTimeProp).
    4. CBCGPSVGImage: GetSize method has a new, optional parameter "BOOL bCheckBounds" (FALSE by default). If this parameter is TRUE and SVG does not have a specified size, the size of the bounding rectangle will be returned.
    5. CBCGPTabWnd: improved underlined tab animation.
    6. CBCGPTagManager: a new method ParseColorArray converts a string with color values to array of COLORREF values.
    7. CBCGPVisualContainer: a new method SetScrollOffset specifies scroll offset of the visual container.
  7. Examples and Samples
    1. BCGPControls: added color property with custom colors set (see screenshot).
    2. BCGPGridExample: improved copy/paste of some custom grid cells ("Cell types" view).
    3. BCGPMSOfficeDemo: added command search demonstration: in MS Office 2019 theme, command search appears on the Ribbon caption and can be minimized (as in MS Office 2022 applications) (see screenshot).
    4. BCGPVisualStudioGUIDemo: added command search demonstration (see screenshot).
    5. FrameCaptionDemo: added command search demonstration.
    6. SVGViewDemo: CSVGPreview displays files without predefined size and MDI tab tooltip contains a full path to .SVG file.
  8. Fixes
    1. CBCGPRibbonEdit::EnableSearchMode: search mode is not allowed anymore for the combo box (CBCGPRibbonEdit-derived) without edit box.
    2. Addressed issue with keyboard accelerators when focus is located on read-only edit control.
    3. CBCGPSVGImage: addressed some issues with drawing elements with radial and linear gradients.
    4. Ribbon bar: addressed some issues with a keyboard navigation when a Ribbon bar is in the auto-hide mode.
    5. CBCGPGridCtrl: addressed some issues with keyword navigation and scrolling by mouse in frozen rows mode.
    6. CBCGPEditCtrl: fixed bug with cursor positioning with some non-monospace fonts.
    7. Localization: addressed issue with displaying incorrect characters in some combo boxes with content loaded from the localized resources.
    8. CBCGPTabWnd: addressed issue with incorrect redrawing of control edges when tab control is frameless (in some visual themes).
    9. CBCGPBaseTabWnd: addressed issue with incorrect tabs area height after calling EnableAutoColor or SetAutoColors methods (in some visual themes).
    10. CBCGPEditCtrl: left-side markers are not painted anymore in the compact (autohidden) horizontal scrollbar area.
    11. CBCGPRibbonBar: addressed some issues with Ribbon and Ribbon QAT customization.
    12. Visual Designer: addressed issue with circular gauge minimal size.