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Release Notes

BCGControlBar Professional Edition

Version: 30.2. Released: 10/1/2019

  1. Office 2019-style Visual Themes are available now (see screenshot). A new class CBCGPVisualManager2019 implements the following visual styles: Colorful, Dark Gray, White and Black. These new styles were added to BCGP_VISUAL_THEME enumeration:
    Please take a look at BCGPMSOfficeDemo, BCGPOrganizer, DrawCLI and Wordpad examples to see this new visual theme.
  2. Chart Control
    1. Implemented tooltip support for the chart objects: new SetTooltip, GetTooltip and GetDescription methods were added to CBCGPChartObject class.
    2. Improved Chart tooltips support: using a new method CBCGPChartVisualObject::SetHitTooltipFlags you may specify now which chart parts should have tooltips. By default, tooltips are displayed for the Chart axis, data points, axis scale breaks and data table cells.
  3. Shell Management
    1. Implemented shell notification support: when a shell control content is changed outside the application, the control is being notified about this and control will be automatically updated. A new method RegisterShellNotification was added to CBCGPShellBreadcrumb, CBCGPShellList and CBCGPShellTree classes. Please take a look at BCGPControls example to see this new feature in action.
    2. Implemented themed "Browse for Folder" dialog (see screenshot). The following methods have a new, optional parameter bThemedBrowseFolderDlg:
      • CBCGPShellManager::BrowseForFolder
      • CBCGPEdit::EnableFolderBrowseButton
      • CBCGPFileProp constructor
  4. Miscellaneous
    1. CBCGPComboBox: method CalcRowHeight is virtual now.
    2. CBCGPDrawManager: new helper AreContrastColors tells whether 2 specified colors are enough contrast.
    3. CBCGPMenuBar: implemented right-aligned menu bar items (see screenshot). The following new methods were added to this class:
      • AddItemToRight: add an item to the menu bar right side
      • RemoveAllItemsOnRight: remove all right-aligned menu bar items
      Please take a look at MenuLogo sample to see this feature in action.
    4. CBCGPRibbonCheckBox: implemented right-aligned text label - SetRightAlignText and IsRightAlignText methods were added to this class.
    5. CBCGPDiagramVisualContainer: new method 'RemoveSelected' deletes selected diagram's objects and connectors.
    6. CBCGPPlannerViewSchedule: implemented ability to show/hide the duration bar in schedule view. EnableDurationBar and IsDurationBarEnabled methods were added to this class.
    7. CBCGPWnd: improved MSAA support for Visual C++ 6.0
  5. Examples and Samples
    1. BCGPChartExample: added object tooltips demonstration.
    2. BCGPControls: demonstrates a themed "Browse for folder" dialog and Shell notification.
    3. BCGPExplorer: demonstrates Shell notification.
    4. BCGPMSOfficeDemo, DrawCLI, Wordpad and RibbonGadgets: illustrate Office 2019 (Office 365)-style Ribbon bar.
    5. MenuLogo: demonstrates right-aligned menu bar items.
  6. Fixes
    1. CBCGPCalendar and CBCGPDateTimeCtrl: addressed issue with incorrect treating December 30, 1899 as empty date.
    2. CBCGPScrollDialog: addressed issue with slow scrolling on mouse wheel event.
    3. CBCGPRibbonCaptionMDITabs: addressed issue with invisible highlighted tab Close button when a custom Windows 10 accent color is red.
    4. CBCGPRibbonCheckBox: addressed issue with incorrect foreground color when the control was placed on the status bar (in some visual themes).
    5. CBCGPEditCtrl: addressed issue with incorrect caret position during the text block dragging.
    6. CBCGPWinApp: addressed issue with a multiple times visual theme selection in the application's constructor.
    7. CBCGPScrollBarImpl: addressed issue with incorrect thumb size for Windows 8 and later.
    8. CBCGPSVGImage: addressed issue with incorrect order of 'use' elements.
    9. CBCGPVisualContainer: addressed issue with different graphics managers in several calls of ExportToBitmap method.
    10. CBCGPCircularProgressIndicatorImpl: addressed issue with animation in marque mode when parent (owner) window is being destroyed.
    11. CBCGPTreeCtrlEx: addressed some node toggling issues in Expand method.