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Release Notes

BCGControlBar Professional Edition

Version: 29.2. Released: 02/19/2019

  1. Visual Studio 2019 Preview support (retail product version only): - The product Integration Wizard fully supports Visual Studio 2019. - The source files are fully compliant with Visual 2019 C++ compiler. - All our examples and samples were thoroughly tested with VS 2019.
  2. Implemented Visual Studio 2019-style visual manager (see screenshot). Added a new class CBCGPVisualManagerVS2019 (derived from CBCGPVisualManagerVS2013) and BCGP_VISUAL_THEME enumerator has 3 new members: - BCGP_VISUAL_THEME_VS_2019_BLUE: VS 2019-style blue color theme. - BCGP_VISUAL_THEME_VS_2019_LIGHT: VS 2019-style light color theme (very similar to VS 2017 light). - BCGP_VISUAL_THEME_VS_2019_DARK: VS 2019-style dark color theme (very similar to VS 2017 dark). Please run BCGPVisualStudioGUIDemo example to see this new theme.
  3. Controls
    1. CBCGPButton: added BS_DEFCOMMANDLINK and BS_COMMANDLINK styles support (see screenshot). Please take a look at BCGPControls example to see this feature in action.
    2. CBCGPCalendar: added keyboard navigation support.
    3. CBCGPDateTimeCtrl and CBCGPDurationCtrl: added flat buttons support (see screenshot). New methods SetFlatButtons and HasFlatButtons were added to these classes. Please take a look at BCGPControls example to see this new look.
    4. CBCGPDateTimeCtrl: implemented dates range support. If developer specifies a pair of two date/time pickers as "related" (by calling CBCGPDateTimeCtrl::SetRelated new method), a user will be able to select a dates range in the popup months calendars and selected dates are displayed in 2 related controls. BCGPControls example demonstrates this new feature.
    5. CBCGPListBox: added item tooltip when the list box is a property sheet navigation window and there is no enough space to display a whole page name.
    6. CBCGPSpinButtonCtrl: new public member 'm_bIsFlat' specifies whether control has a flat look.
  4. MSAA and CodedUI Tests
    1. CBCGPCircularProgressIndicatorImpl: added EVENT_OBJECT_VALUECHANGE notification upon progress value changing.
    2. Improved automation support in the gauge controls.
    3. CBCGPGridCtrl: added STATE_SYSTEM_INVISIBLE state for the hidden grid items.
  5. Miscellaneous
    1. Improved pane resizing cursors: instead of default MFC, new DPI-aware internal library cursors are used now for the docking pane resizing.
    2. Improved foreground color of highlighted link control.
    3. CBCGPCaptionBar: added new public member m_clrBarHyperlink. This attribute specifies a hyperlink foreground color (see screenshot). By default, the hyperlink's color is the same as rest of the caption bar text. See CaptionBarDemo sample application.
    4. CBCGPPageTransitionManager::SetPageTransitionEffect has a new, optional parameter 'bIsFirstPageTransition' (default value is FALSE). If this parameter is TRUE, the first page will appear with the specified page transition effect. Please take a look at PropSheetDemo sample to see this feature in action.
    5. CBCGPPopupWindow: added new member m_bIsTopMost (default value is TRUE). When this attribute is TRUE, the popup window is created with WS_EX_TOPMOST extended window style. Set it to FALSE in CBCGPPopupWindow-derived class constructor if you don't need to create this window as topmost.
    6. CBCGPGridCtrl: improved grid header appearance in some visual themes.
  6. Examples and Samples
    1. BCGPControls: demonstrates push button with BS_COMMANDLINK style and new date/time picker features.
    2. BCGPVisualStudioGUIDemo: added VS 2019 Blue theme.
    3. CaptionBarDemo: demonstrates how to specify a hyperlink custom text color.
    4. PropSheetDemo: demonstrates 1-st page transition effect.
    5. SplashScreenDemo: splash image was replaced with SVG (allows to use a single image for dark and light themes).
  7. Fixes
    1. Addressed issue with changing MDI child window name after setting a corresponding MDI tab name.
    2. Dialogs and forms: addressed issue with cleaning-up control info tips when the dialog is being destroyed.
    3. CBCGPEdit: addressed issue with control redrawing after losing focus in some visual themes.
    4. CBCGPListBox: addressed issues with horizontal scrolling when control has LBS_MULTICOLUMN style.
    5. CBCGPWnd: code that disconnects accessibility clients was moved from the class destructor to WM_DESTROY message handler.
    6. CBCGPWorkspace: addressed issue with incorrect pinned files/folders registry path.
    7. CBCGPPropertySheetCtrl: addressed issue with incorrectly used control ID passed to DoCreateOnPlaceHolder method.
    8. CBCGPCaptionBar: addressed issue with changing text of the pane when user clicks the hyperlink.
    9. CBCGPEditCtrl: addressed issue with incorrect vertical scrolling when some text blocks are collapsed.
    10. CBCGPGridCtrl: addressed issue with destroying grid window during automation tests.