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Release Notes

BCGControlBar Professional Edition

Version: 27.1. Released: 02/12/2018

  1. Grid and Report Controls
    1. Improved vertical and horizontal header items appearance.
    2. CBCGPGridColorItem: added custom colors support - new methods SetColors and SetWebColors were added to this class.
    3. Updated Windows Gestures support.
    4. Updated adding and removing items in row "on the fly". New methods CBCGPGridRow::InsertItem, CBCGPGridRow::RemoveItem were added.
    5. Implemented grid items Bold font support. New methods CBCGPGridRow::SetBoldFont and CBCGPGridRow::IsBoldFont were added.
  2. Controls
    1. CBCGPColorButton: added a new method 'SetWebColors'. Call it to display a standard Web colors palette in the drop-down window.
    2. CBCGPDateTimeCtrl: added system month format support. Set m_monthFormat to (-1) in order to use short date format (see screenshot).
    3. CBCGPStatic: new method 'SetPicture(const CString& strImagePath, BOOL bDPIAutoScale = TRUE, BOOL bAutoResize = FALSE)' allows to display external (loaded from file) images.
  3. Miscellaneous
    1. CBCGPColorMenuButton: added a new method 'SetWebColors'. Call it to display a standard Web colors palette in the drop-down window.
    2. CBCGPStatusBar: added themed tooltips support (see screenshot). Call new method CBCGPStatusBar::SetTipDescription to specify the tooltip description (multi-line text below tooltip label).
    3. CBCGPSVGImage::ExportToBitmap has a new, optional parameter 'clrBackground'. If this parameter is not CLR_NONE, the method creates 24bpp bitmap with specified background. Otherwise, 32bpp bitmap with transparent background will be created.
  4. Fixes
    1. CBCGPComboBox: addresses issue with missing group separator in non-themed combo box.
    2. Fixed compilation issue when _ATL_NO_AUTOMATIC_NAMESPACE flag is specified.
    3. CBCGPPlannerViewSchedule: addresses issue with incorrect returned value in GetResourceFromPoint method (when resources count is one).
    4. CBCGPScrollBar: fixed some problems with horizontal scrolling in the themed (Visual Manager-enabled) list view control.
    5. CBCGPPropertyPage: fixed problem with redrawing group boxes during the page transition process.
    6. CBCGPSVGImage: fixed memory leak in DoDraw method (when parameter 'bCashBitmap' is FALSE).
    7. Toolbar Editor: fixed problem with adding SVG images to the default (16 colors) toolbar.
    8. Editor Outline Parser: improved 64-bit support.