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Release Notes

BCGSuite for MFC

Version: 33.0. Released: 5/30/2022

  1. Gauge Controls
    1. A new class CBCGPCircularProgressIndicatorRendererBase allows to implement a window-less circular progress indicator. Please take a look at RibbonGadgets sample to see how to add indicator to the Ribbon custom element.
    2. CBCGPGaugeImpl: BCGP_SUB_GAUGE_POS enumerator has a new value - BCGP_SUB_GAUGE_CENTER (sub-gauge is located at the center of the parent gauge - see screenshot).
  2. Grid and Report Controls
    1. New flag ExportOptions::EF_IncludeRowHeader allows to export content of a leftmost column (row header), this flag is used with methods CBCGPGridCtrl::ExportToHTML, CBCGPGridCtrl::ExportRangeToText, CBCGPGridCtrl::ExportRangeToHTML and CBCGPGridCtrl::ExportToCSV.
    2. Improved MSAA support in CBCGPGridRow.
    3. CBCGPGridCtrl: a new method IsGridItemBordersEnabled tells who is responsible for the grid item border drawing (grid or grid item).
  3. Controls
    1. CBCGPInfoBoxRenderer has the following additions and improvements:
      • Class constructor has a new, optional parameter CWnd* - a pointer to window where info-box is displayed. This is important to specify this window to correct drawing in multi-DPI environment.
      • Added new member m_bAlwaysUnderlineLink: set it to FALSE if you wish to underline the link only if link is hovered.
      • A new member m_bVisualThemeColors specifies whether control is rendered using a currently selected visual theme.
    2. CBCGPStatic: added a new attribute m_bDPIAwareIcon. If this member is TRUE, the icon will be correctly drawn after changing DPI value (you have to call SizeToContent method after DPI changing).
  4. Miscellaneous
    1. Added new BCGPChartLayout::LegendPosition values:
      • LP_TOPLEFT
      Please take a look at BCGPChartExample application to see this new feature in action.
    2. CBCGPTextFormat::Scale has a new, optional parameter bFromOriginal. If this parameter is FALSE, the scaling will be based on the current text size.
    3. CBCGPMessageBox: added new global flag m_bDrawSpecialAreaOnNC (default is TRUE). Set this flag to FALSE if you don't wish to fill message box buttons area with alternate background color.
    4. CBCGPSVG: added support for "baseline-shift" style attribute and relative (with trailing '%' sign) "font-size" attribute.
    5. CBCGPEditCtrl: a new method SetTextLeftMargin allows to specify a distance between text and left-side bar. By default, this value is 0.
  5. Examples and Samples
    1. BCGPChartExample: added new legend positions demonstration (Chart Legend view).
    2. BCGPChartExample: Chart Data Binding view is using ADO instead of ODBC now.
    3. BCGPControls: added new Info Box features demonstration.
    4. BCGPGaugesDemo: added demonstration how to add sub-gauge to the center of circular gauge.
  6. Fixes
    1. CBCGPButton: addressed issue with incorrect capture releasing when another window was captured inside button click message handler.
    2. CBCGPChartView: addressed some issues with a view scrolling.
    3. CBCGPComboBox: addressed issue with incorrect control subclassing when BCGPModifyStyle method is called.
    4. CBCGPEdit: addressed issue with incorrect drawing of the border when control has spin buttons.
    5. Fixed bug with unresolved network path in CBCGPShellBreadcrumb::SelectPath method.
    6. CBCGPSwitchImpl: addressed some issues with setting value when control animation is active.
    7. CBCGPGridCtrl: addressed issue with incorrect keyboard processing in the context menu opened when the filter bar is active.
    8. CBCGPGanttChart: addressed issue with incorrect hierarchy after calling InsertItem method (in some cases).
    9. CBCGPSVG: addressed some issues with drawing nested text blocks.
    10. CBCGPGridFilterEdit: addressed issue with pressing Esc in some cases.