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Nero Case Study

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  1. BCGControlBar Library have provided all the features we needed - and much more.
  2. Very fast and reliable support even while evaluating the library.
  3. While evaluating it became clear that porting Nero to the library will take far less time than expected.
Georg Christoph
Software Development

The company

Nero ( develops and distributes the world's leading digital media solutions for the consumer and professional markets. More than 200 million users worldwide rely on Nero's award-winning applications, which represent the trusted technology standards needed to manage both today's digital home and forward-thinking business enterprises.

Nero's rapidly-growing portfolio of products defines new levels of innovation in the company's three key areas of focus: Digital Media Solutions - including products for multimedia projects and photo management designed to capture, edit, author, burn CDs/DVDs, and provide enjoyment of all digital media content; Audio/Video Compression Technologies - enabling the encoding of digital content to take up less storage space and transmission bandwidth while preserving the original content quality upon playback; and VoIP Solutions - consisting of products which provide cost-effective communication over the Internet for home and business.

The company's flagship product, Nero 7, is the world's #1 'all-in-one' integrated home entertainment software suite which delivers multiple applications for audio, video, photo, data, as well as PC and TV media management for consumers and industry partners alike.

Nero Digital™ is a revolutionary audio and video format based on the MPEG-4 standard, delivering the highest quality playback on certified home electronics, mobile and portable devices.

Nero SIPPS™ is the high-quality VoIP solution that provides clear online communication as well as contact management, instant messaging, TAPI interface, video telephony and Outlook synchronization to any private or commercial PC.

Nero products are globally distributed by leading hardware manufacturers, international distribution partners and online portals, and can be purchased directly at . Nero provides worldwide coverage through Nero AG, based in Karlsbad, Germany and two subsidiaries: Nero Inc. in Glendale, California, USA and Nero K.K. in Yokohama, Japan.

The challenge

Nero looked quite old fashioned. We wanted to improve the look, add some "cool" features, while maintaining compatibility with the windows GUI standards.

The solution

The library offered an easy way to modernize the look of the applications Nero Burning ROM and Nero Express. Features like toolbar customizations could be added without a big effort. Porting to the library also helped us to improve some internal structures and to clean up some GUI code.

The result

Until now, we have just updated Nero Burning ROM and Nero Express. Nero Burning ROM has new toolbars including customizations. All frames and header bars were adapted.

In Nero Express the old "More" areas were replaced with task panes.

We are evaluating how to integrate more and more stuff into the next releases.

Nero 7 Screenshots

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Contact information

Georg Christoph
Software Development

Nero AG
Im Stoeckmaedle 18
76307 Karlsbad

Phone: +49 724 892 80
Fax: +49 724 892 8499