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Visualization Manager

BCGControlBar Library framework allows you to create various application "skins" and easily change the look and feel of user-interface elements. 

On the picture below you can see a screenshot taken from the "BCGSkins" example:

The framework maintains a global object of CBCGVisualManager class, that by default draws  the following GUI elements:

  • bar borders (OnDrawBarBorder)
  • bar grippers (OnDrawBarGripper)
  • button borders (OnDrawButtonBorder)
  • caption buttons (OnDrawCaptionButton)
  • menu borders (OnDrawMenuBorder)
  • separators (OnDrawSeparator)
  • fills bar background (OnFillBarBackground)
  • fills button interior (OnFillButtonInterior)
  • highlights menu items (OnHighlightMenuItem)

Each element is displayed by separate virtual function. 

To implement your own skin you should perform the following steps:

  1. Derive your own class from the CBCGVisualManager class.
  2. For each GUI element whose appearance you want to customize override the relevant drawing function. 
  3. CBCGVisualManager object is a singleton. When you want to instantiate a visual manager object, you should delete the previous instance. Use the CBCGVisualManager::GetInstance static function to get access to the current instance.

The following example shows how to switch between default and custom visual managers:

void CBCGSkinsApp::SetSkin (int iIndex)
    if (CBCGVisualManager::GetInstance () != NULL)
        delete CBCGVisualManager::GetInstance ();

    switch (iIndex)
        CBCGVisualManager::GetInstance ();
    case MAC_STYLE:
        new CMacStyle ();

    CBCGVisualManager::GetInstance ()->SetLook2000 ();
    CBCGVisualManager::GetInstance ()->RedrawAll ();

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